Ecobee4 Vs Nest Thermostat

Ecobee4 Vs Nest Thermostat- Which Is Right For You?

A highly reliable thermostat is one of the essential devices to develop a smart home. Nest has introduced its smart thermostat a few years ago. However, after that, several brands have started designing this type of thermostat for the users. One of the strongest competitors of Nest’s thermostat is Ecobee. At present, both these manufacturers have gained a good position in the market. They are also trying to make an improvement in their products.

You cannot find much difference in the price rates of two products. Both of these thermostats help you in creating schedules for cooling or heating your room. This scheduling option saves your money and time. Ecobee4 and Nest thermostats- both these products help you in setting a connection with the smart devices for automating your home. They also present you with a report on energy savings, and you may adjust everything for optimizing the savings.

Now, we will be going to discuss and compare the two products (Ecobee4 and Nest) to help you in choosing the better one. We have reviewed every feature of these products to assess their value to you.

Ecobee4 Features

In most of the conventional thermostats, we have found a rectangular shaped plastic model. They have usually several buttons that can cause confusions to the users. The users may not easily be able to set the schedules or adjust the temperature.

Ecobee4 is a square shaped device, having rounded corners. It can flat against your wall. You may install it in any style. At the backside of Ecobee4, you can find a few vent holes that help in controlling the heat issue.


Ecobee4 has offered a much bigger screen, like that of a Smartphone. You may not be familiar to this type of screen, while using the thermostat.

The tone of Ecobee4 is not much different from that of its previous versions. You can find a plastic structure and a big shiny part, where the manufacturer has inserted the touchscreen.

The display quality may not be the major factor to you to assess the product. However, still, you may need to alter the thermostat parameters using the screen.  Ecobee4 screen is 4.29″ tall, 4.29″ in width, 1.0″ in thickness. While you are using Ecobee4, you can find the resolution value of 320 by 480 pixels. You will surely enjoy a crisp and sharp screen.


You will also get an integrated speaker and microphone in your Ecobee4 thermostat. Integrate Alexa, and you will have an added advantage from it. Apart from the common functionality, you will also be able to play pleasing music. You can hear Alexa’s voice, coming from the backside speaker. The blue colored LED light becomes illuminated while the thermostat listens to you.

However, when you have no Alexa hub at your room, you can better think of adding it. It is also essential to install the thermostat at the right place. Your voice can never reach a site, which is twenty to thirty feet away. While you have already created the hubs, you may also deactivation its function for your Ecobee4 thermostat.

Connectivity options

We have talked about Ecobee4’s compatibility with Alexa. However, this device also works with several other ecosystems, found in a smart home. For instance, you can integrate it with Samsung SmartThings, Wink, IFTTT and Apple’s HomeKit. Ecobee4 also has an app, running on Android and iOS platform.

Source of power

Powering options are one of the major factors to the thermostat users. Ecobee4 gives you the option of adding power to the thermostat with the use of C wire. However, while you have invested in Ecobee4, you cannot run the device with the battery.

In most of the older houses, there is no C wire. That is why Ecobee4 has included Power Extender Kit in the package. You may wire the device into the control board of HVAC unit.

 Various parameters for settings

When you have successfully installed the hardware, you can think of setting up the interface. You may adjust various settings very easily. Ecobee4 helps you in checking, adjusting and viewing the level of humidity and indoor temperature. Another feature of this device is System Mode that gives you various options- Cool, Off, Auto and Heat. The major parameters are also viewable to you. You can easily set up your own schedules or reminders and adjust the sensors.

Voice Control

Voice Control is another interesting thing that you can get with Ecobee4.  The most amazing thing is that you use this small device for ordering pizza, for calling Uber cab and for getting the latest news.


Sensors are one of the most important parts of a thermostat, and they are useful for measuring the temperature. A small sensor gives a detailed report of the temperature level in your room. Ecobee4 have innovative sensors to work for you. The special capability of sensing remotely has made Ecobee4 a unique product in the market. You may position the wireless sensors at different sites of your house. These sensors will start monitoring the temperature of these sites and adjust them automatically.

Interior parts of the devices

You must know what is inside the thermostat case. At the interior side of Ecobee4 thermostat, you can find an embedded MicroProcessor and Micro-controller. There are two transmitter antennas- 902 MHz and 902 MHz. This thermostat also backs up Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Includes room sensor
  • Integrated Alexa service
  • Touchscreen display
  • Follow Me mode


  • No battery

Nest Thermostat Features


Nest thermostat is classic in design, and has a cylindrical shaped metallic case. A circular screen surrounds this case, available in different colors- white, black and copper. The display size of the Nest thermostat is 2.1-inch, and this LED screen has a resolution value of 480 by 480 pixels.


Nest has not focused on the trendy touch-screen. Thus, for using the screen, you have to use the mechanical dial, covering the metallic cover outside. You will have no issue to deal with its special rotating-style mechanism.

Few users do not like the large sized bezels, bordering the screen. However, the size of the screen in the latest generation products of Nest is of the good standard.

Connectivity options

Nest thermostat also works with most of these systems (Wink, Google Assistant and IFTTT). Nest Weave is a special mesh network, connecting your home devices, running with battery.

The common feature is that both the thermostats present you with an app to help the user in the remote monitoring and configuration of the device.

Source of power

You can find the uniqueness of Nest thermostat in the power options. Although you may use wire for powering it, a built-in integrated battery also helps in running the thermostat. While there is no electric power, this battery is useful to you. You may use the battery power for minimum one hour. While the battery charge is decreasing slowly, the device will deactivate some of the functions.

Nest has not offered Power Extender Kit for the users. Thus, while you do not have C wire, it is essential to run the thermostat with battery. Due to the availability of battery, several users love this Nest thermostat.

Various adjustment options

Nest Thermostat has also pleased its users with several customization options. The users get a chance of adjusting its temperature. They are also able to view at various stats, including temperature, mode and time or date. You can find icons that make your thermostat configuration process much easy for you. Check the consumption of energy, adjust the placement of the thermostat and do various other things by using the icons. Away/Home Assist is a feature for the detection of anyone’s presence at your home. It does not cool or heat up any empty house, and thus limits the usage of power.


Nest has not incorporated the feature of sensing the temperature in all the rooms. The device will work for the room, where you have placed it. However, for your own needs, you may buy Nest sensors to position them at various spots of your house. These Nest sensors are not able to make an automatic an adjustment of the temperature, while there are people in the rooms.

Nest has made the best effect to add functionality to its product by integrating various sensors. These sensors have the potential of sensing the temperature level, humidity, light and far-field and near-field activities. The brand has applied the latest technology to the sensors. Its sensors will present you with the accurate readings of temperature in the chosen room.

However, from various genuine reviews, we have found that the users have complained against the inaccuracy of the temperature readings.  To know the real capability, you may better test the product.

To solve the issue, the brand has released small, plastic, circular shaped Temperature Sensor. You can install it at any spot of your house. It will inform the indoor temperature through an app.

Learning Thermostat

While you have chosen Nest, you will get Learning Thermostat due to the presence of special technology. This device reads the temperature level that you have set. To develop an automatic schedule, it combines different factors, including the time of the day and the surrounding temperature. Your location is another factor for the automatic activate and deactivation of the mechanism.


This is another unique feature of the Nest thermostat. Direct sunrays may cause the device to consider the surrounding temperature as very high.  This may result in discomfort to the users.

Nest has integrated Sunblock technology for which the built-in sensor tracks the patterns of the sunrays. The temperature sensors will make out the intensity of heat. While you have Wi-Fi connected thermostat, the device will focus on the sunrise and sunset information in that area. Then, Sunblock technology applies the data for setting the thermostat.

Other interior parts

In Nest Thermostat, we have found 5GHz and 2.4GHz radio that helps you to get the Wi-Fi connectivity.  The RAM space, available in this thermostat is 512MB. This device also has the capability of interacting with several other products from Nest. It may also work smoothly with different smart hubs, including Google Home and IoT devices, like Skybell and TP-Link.


  • Learns the way of developing schedules
  • Includes power-saving options
  • Internal battery


  • No built-in smart assistant


From the features of both the products mentioned above, you can easily find out the better product for everyday use. Although both the products offer reliable service, you have to check their features. While you are looking for a small, eye-pleasing thermostat, you can rely on Nest. However, Ecobee4 is also a popular product with its user-friendly mobile app.

The most prominent difference of the two thermostats is in the way of their performance. As a Learning thermostat, Nest has gained the attention of several users. However, in Ecobee4, you will not find any behavioral learning pattern. After programming the schedule using an app, the device will not create another one automatically. Thus, this unique feature has made the product highly popular to you.

While assessing the sensors, we have found Ecobee4 is more advantageous to you. The device has offered an additional remote temperature sensor. You may also buy more sensors separately, and you will get the accurate data on the temperature level and the presence of any person in the house.

There is no chance to have too hot or cool room. The similarity of the thermostats of two brands is in the feature- Home/Away. While there is no one in the house, this feature is useful to you.


Thus, from the detailed assessment of two products, you will easily be able to make your decision. Although both the devices are reliable to the users, you have to check out your own preferences to make your choice. Keep up the favorable temperature in your room by setting the thermostat in the right way.

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