Netgear Orbi Vs Google Wi-Fi

Netgear Orbi Vs Google Wi-Fi- Which Device Works Better For You?

A reliable and consistent Internet connection is essential to do various online activities at your office and home. You must invest in the best Wi-Fi system, having the wider coverage and providing unparalleled service. After reviewing different products, we have found when we wrote the Netgear Orbi Vs Google Wi-Fi article that they both have gained much attention from the users. Design, performance and functionality- In all these aspects, both the devices give you high value.

We are going to compare the tri-band Wi-Fi system to a dual-band one. However, for your home networking, you must focus more on the wireless performance. Both Google Wi-Fi and Netgear Orbi are the best products for the large or medium sized houses. However, the price rate of Netgear Orbi may be slightly higher than that of its competitor.

We have presented a detailed review of both the devices, and it will help you to pick the right Wi-Fi system.


The range or coverage of the best router has to be much wider. The wider coverage will help you to have an internet connection from any site of your house. The overall area of a home or office is different, and thus, you have to check the range of the chosen router helps you in having the connection from all the zones of your property.

In case of Netgear Orbi, the highest coverage is 5000 sq. ft. We think that it will help you to have the internet connection from all the sites of your premise, including the backyard, basement or rooms. There will be no issue with the signal.

Google Wi-Fi also provides you with the firm and strong connection. Every Google Wi-Fi point has the coverage of 1500 sq. ft. since there are three Wi-Fi points, you will have the total coverage of 4500 square. You can have faster Wi-Fi signal in all the rooms.


Although both are networking gadgets, there are differences in design. Netgear Orbi comprises two similar units- White satellites unit and a router unit with blue top. Both the devices have plastic case and white colored matte finish. Orbi is very lightweight, and it looks like a small furniture in your room.

Google Wi-Fi is also very simple in design, and its cylindrical model is much smaller than other similar products. There are three nodes, and you may choose any of those nodes as the major device for connecting to the Internet. The additional ones are the mesh nodes. Do not put the Wi-Fi device into any closet to avoid the overheating issue. You have to choose an open space for positioning it.

At the base part, Netgear Orbi has few holes to have smoother airflow. At the top section of two units of this device, you can find LED indicator. While the router part has started syncing or booting up, you will see a white light. The magenta light indicates the disconnection of the unit from Internet.

Google Wi-Fi has two horizontal parts, where you can find the indicator. The red light indicates the error in the nodes, while the blue color denotes default settings.

Netgear Orbi has all the buttons and ports at the base part. You can find 3 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. The Reset and Power connecting buttons are also present. In case of Google WiFi, you have to make the device upturned to find a big hole for Ethernet ports.

From the above comparison of the design, we can say that both Google and Netgear have offered attractive looking devices. They have durable structure and include all the functional elements.

Hardware parts of the devices

Qualcomm Atheros is the common platform to both Google WiFi and Orbi. The chipset, quad-core IPQ4019 is present in both of them. In case of Orbi, you can find QCA8075 Gigabit chipset, RAM (512 MB) and flash memory of 4 GB.

Google Wi-Fi has also RAM space of 512 Mb and the flash memory of 4GB. It has integrated the latest Bluetooth version (4.2). In the older Google Wi-Fi models, we have found Silicon Labs EM3581 Thread, working with the technology, like ZigBee. However, there is no smart home-related tech with Netgear Orbi. This brand has only backed up the wireless Bluetooth technology (4.1).


Whether you are using different connected devices or trying to cover a big area, speed is the most important factor to you.

Network Assist is the special feature in Google’s device. This is a software application, working at the background for the network management. It helps to choose the fast band and clear channel for all your devices. Due to the advanced and innovative units, this device removes the buffering and dead zones to present you with the consistent internet connectivity.

However, Orbi has also reliable and fast service for the optimum level of performance. Access to any device without the interruptions. You can find the Tri- band Technology in Orbi, and it helps you to enjoy a good speed. Although you have more than one network, there will be no issue.

While you are using Google Wi-Fi with 5GHz band, the highest speed that you can enjoy is 867 Mbps. With 2.4GHz, the speed may be up to 300 Mbps. Orbi is also capable of transferring the data at 867 Mbps (5GHz) and 400 Mbps (2.4GHz). With another radio band, the speed can reach 1,733 Mbps.

Thus, in terms of speed, Google Wi-Fi has similarity to that of Orbi. However, there is an additional radio band (5GHz) in case of Orbi.

Setup process for two devices

Google is first to manufacture router that helps users in maintaining, monitoring and configuring the network with the use of a mobile-friendly app. Google has already understood the way in which Wi-Fi system has to function. It has also identified the needs of the targeted users, and that is why the software of Google WiFi is very simple and user-friendly.

The simple app of Google has simplified the setup process. You will be able to view at the connected devices. The versatile and reliable app also helps in managing the connection in different ways.

For instance, you can prioritize devices that you like to connect. At any time, you may also pause the Wi-Fi connection. The parents can use this feature to prevent the kids from playing online games or watching videos. You may also share the password with your relatives and control your internet connection for optimizing its use.

Now, let us talk about the set-up process for both the devices.

When you have invested on Google WiFi, you have to install Wi-Fi app and create Google account. You must also have iOS or Android device broadband connection and model for available the fastest service. However, with Netgear Orbi, no account setup process is essential. You have to plug the device rightly and start following the instructions on the screen while running Orbi app. The overall process has no intricacy, and you may do it within few minutes.

For Google Wi-Fi, you have no web-based User Interface. Thus, you have to use the app for the detection of Google Wi-Fi. You have to pair the router with the app, and then, choose location, password and name for Wi-Fi network. Later, you may think of adding the network to the new Google Wi-Fi points. However, it is better to check out the distance of the major Wi-Fi unit and the node.

Orbi presents you an option of choosing web-based interface or mobile. You should configure network passkey, SSID and the settings of admin account. However, to get several customization options, you may better rely on web-based interface.

With Orbi, you can find the special technology, Circle with Disney, and it includes several Parental Control features, like Google Wi-Fi. You can set Attached Devices, Guest Network, time limits and different filters for every members of your family. You will also be able to deal with VPN Service, AP Mode, Port Triggering and various other things.

Another good thing about Netgear Orbi is that it offers superior and stronger protection and security features. Your personal data will remain safe from the malware, virus, breaches and other cyber risks.

Your guests will also be able to have an access to your Wi-Fi network, and there is no need of revealing password or taking additional steps for network protection. You will be able to develop a different network for serving the visitors with no issue.

Google Wi-Fi has also some other features, including Site Blocking, Port Forwarding, DNS and IP reservations.

By comparing the setup processes of both the devices, we can conclude that Google has made approach for offering a very simple ecosystem to users. The users, having no networking knowledge may prefer its products. However, Netgear enables its users in choosing a conventional technique for configuring the network. Both the products are suitable for various types of users.

Other features, related to the performance

In the older Netgear Orbi models, we had not found any mesh technology. The brand has thought of using extender and router. Its satellite units had the capability of interacting with the major router system. However, later, the manufacturer has added the inter-nodes. Still, you are able to link the modem to router node only. Thus, you cannot find the real WiFi mesh technology in it. In the latest version of Orbi’s products, the users have identified the potential of getting an advantage from Ethernet backhaul. While you need something more than Wi-Fi band, you have to rely on it. As the architectural modification is essential for these features, the brand will take time to update the firmware.

In case of Google Wi-Fi, we have found the stability since the very beginning. However, the manufacturer has recently added few features, including Site Blocking and IPv6. The uniqueness of Google Wi-Fi lies in its mesh technology. This technology is very helpful to improve the performance level of any tri-node networking unit. You can get several other advantages from it. Self-optimization technique is one of the amazing things about the device. The Wi-Fi network will trace out the right data route by focusing on the signal strength of router, the chosen channels, radio band (that is not overcrowded) and the presence of nodes.

Mesh networking technology has also self-healing and self-forming property. Due to the self-forming capability, the system is able to detect new nodes and use it for developing new data paths. Another property helps in scanning the offline node network and in analyzing the units of Google Wi-Fi. This is useful to have a strong signal for network.

Have a look at the pros and cons of both the devices- Google Wi-Fi and Netgear Orbi

Google Wi-Fi


  • Advanced features preventing the congestion issues and managing the settings easily
  • Google Wi-Fi app making the setup much easier
  • App helps you in controlling and monitoring the home Wi-Fi



  • Extension of wireless signal results in the signal loss
  • No presence of web-based interface

Netgear Orbi


  • Very good coverage
  • Signal can travel through the thick walls and metal frames
  • Orbi app makes your setup process very easy
  • Automatic connection of the satellite and the router
  • Includes the customization option in the desktop app


  • Costly to cover bigger house
  • Tech support for a limit time


Let us draw a conclusion from the overall comparison of two networking devices, Google WiFi and Netgear Orbi. Among all the latest Wi-Fi devices, these two products have become highly popular. Two brands, Netgear and Google, have taken various approaches to meet the needs of the users. However, their common aim is to help you in using a good Wi-Fi network.

Both the brands are successful in developing their own products. However, as Netgear is striving to adjust and improve the product, you may not find much stability in its features. For reliability and consistency, you may choose Google WiFi. However, while Orbi functions properly, it has the potential of beating its competitors. Now, you may make your decision on buying the better device for optimized wireless performance.

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