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50 Great Google Assistant Skills and Actions

50 Best Google Assistant Skills and Actions

Google Assistant has already been deployed to top voice assistants including Hound, Siri, Alexa, and Bixby, and the Google Assistant has always been the first. Bixby performed very well when controlling his smartphone, but overall, the Google Assistant still remains King of Voice Assist. However, in all our tests, we have tested a variety of Google Assistant commands and have not identified the technologies and tasks that Google provides. The Google Assistant offers a variety of technologies and tasks. Some of them are useful and funny and some are really strange. We believe that technology and action add value to Google Assistant to help you stay ahead of the competition. In fact, other assistants besides Alexa also have additional skills. However, many people do not know how to work with or use Google Assist. So, let’s change, right? Here are the top 50 Google Assistant technologies and actions.

How to Access Google Assistant Actions or Skills

Before you show off the best techniques and tasks for Google Assist, check out how to get there first. It’s pretty easy. Press and hold the Home button to bring up the Google Toolbar and tap the button at the top right. You will then be taken to the “Explore” page, where you can group all of the skills and tasks that Google Explorer offers into various useful categories. Tap the “More” button to see more actions within a category, or scroll down to find more categories. You can explore all of the technologies mentioned here, but there are a number of technologies that do not work properly. Then look for the top 50 Google Assist technologies and behaviors.

50 Best Google Assistant Skills and Actions

50 best Google Assistant Skills and Actions

Productivity behavior

Let’s start with something that each of us would like. We know that smartphones can be really productive tools in our arsenal if we are used wisely. These techniques and actions can help improve the productivity of your smartphone.

1. Create an event and add a reminder

This is a common technique that is used too often, and is not considered a technical skill, not a generic skill that the Google Assistant can perform. “Ok Google reminds me to buy groceries tomorrow at 5 pm” or “Ok Google, say Add a meeting with Carol to my calendar at 5 pm on Monday” and Google Assistant will add a reminder or schedule Create according to your command.

2. Receive daily reports

Now, this is an interesting part. Get brief daily information from the Google Assistant, which tells you weather, commute and traffic information, calendar events, reminders, and more. Just call the Google Assistant and say, “Tell me about your day.” It is better to start the day now. Then it’s a good idea to get a daily briefing about what is preliminarily placed.

3. Job History

If you are always working, write a job history to see what you actually did. There are two other things that are busy and ending work. You can say “business journal” technology here and say “OK Google, business journal“. The first time you run it, you will be prompted to set up the project. You can set up to 30 different projects. Every time you work on a project, the time log starts until you are prompted to stop it when you start the job log.

4. Add tasks to Todoist

Many of Google Assistant’s technologies integrate seamlessly with a variety of third-party apps. My favorite thing is integration with the Todoist app, a very popular task manager app. Now you can use Google Assistant to add and delete tasks as well as pending actions. You can start talking with the Todoist app by bringing in the Google assistant, “Talk to Todoist.”
Or you can say, “Ok Google, add a buying egg to Todoist” or “Ask Todoist if I’m due today” or “An open instructor to complete my job of buying eggs.” All commands can be used to do anything without running the app.

5. Use expense tracker to track expense

You can also use the Expense Tracking technology to log costs, just as you can log in during work hours. Say, “OK Google, tell the cost tracker that you spent $ 20 on your movie ticket.” Or, first say “Ok Google, call with an expense tracker.” Then start the expense tracker technology and explain all costs.

Automate Your Work with Google Assistant

1. Auto Voice

Tasker is probably one of Android’s most beloved apps. There is no precedent for the number of automations that can be performed using Tasker. All these automation commands can now be spoken. Using Tasker with AutoVoice, you can perform all Tasker automation with voice. Say “OK Google, send an automatic voice” followed by an operator command and observe that the assistant is doing it.

2. The IFTTT command

Like Tasker, you can automate your workflow by integrating the IFTTT command with the Google Assistant. For example, a simple Goodnight command can automate everything, such as turning off lights and locking doors. You can create and run as many IFTTT recipes as you want.

Music and audio work

1. Play music

This is not surprising. With Google Assistant, you can control your music on your phone or online music services, including Play Music and Spotify. Say “Ok Google, Dream Theater plays home with Spotify” and the song will play.

2. Podcast playback

One of my favorite assistant technologies is the podcast. You do not need an app for it. When you play “OK Google, The Moth (Podcast Name)“, the latest episode of that podcast will play. It also provides a list of all episodes and lets you choose who you want. You can also add podcast shortcuts to the Home screen. Now, that’s a skill I admire.

3. Find songs using Genius

Has this happened to you? “Remember one or two lines of a song, do not you know the name of the song?” Well, then you can use genius. Say “OK Google, let me talk with a genius.” Now, if you say only the words you remember, it will tell you the name of the song and the artist. I used 10 different song lyrics to test it. (Some of them were really vague songs) and it was impressive with the fewest words to say the right way eight times.
Educational Activities

With Google Assistant technology, you can easily answer simple questions when you are learning in small chunks and asking for help. Let’s take a look at the training techniques in Google Assistant.

1. Time Machine

Interested in history facts? If so, you’ll love Google Assistant’s “Time Machine” technology. This technique tells the historical facts since 1851 that happened on the same day (in the past). Say “Ok Google, please speak to Time Machine” and it will take time.

2. Translations and definitions

We know that Google Translate is the best translator in the world and can be used with the Google Assistant. Ask, “Ok Google, I’m late for Mandarin.” Make sure we do magic on Google. You can also ask for a definition of a word that you do not understand. For example, “OK Google, Solar System Definition” will give you the information you need.

3. Improve vocabulary

Have you ever felt weak in vocabulary? You can use Google Assistant to improve one word a day. Say “Ok Google, tell me today” and raise your vocabulary.

4. Perform calculations

The Google Assistant is also good at simple math. Performing simple mathematical questions or simple calculations solves the problem. For example, “Ok Google, tell me the third root of 249” will give you the answer.

5. Talk to Quora.

I think you heard about Quora. It is a website where you can ask questions and people like me will try to answer. “Ok Google, ask Quora what the best Google Assistant hack is.” If you do not have an answer to a specific question, post the question so the user can answer it.

Social and communication skills

1. Call someone

This is easy and popular. You can ask Google Assistant to call someone in your contact list. Say “Ok Google, call Adeel’s Guide” and you’ll get a call.

2. Send messages using third-party apps

Like your phone, you can also use Google Assistant to send a regular message. But do you know that you can point to the messaging service you want to use? Say “Ok Google, WhatsApp / Telegram / Viber will send you a message to Adeel’s Guide today” and you will use the app mentioned.

3. Talk to Alfred Quotes.

This is not necessarily productive, but it can be useful. Alfred tells you a quote based on your mood with Google Assistant’s technology. Say Alfred “Ok Google, Talk to Alfred.” Alfred will ask the mood. If you tell me your feelings (sadness, painter, happiness, etc.), you can find an appropriate estimate. Trust me. Quotes are really good.

News and magazines

1. Get the latest news

If you do not want to get too much news and want to keep headlines in the headlines for the latest news, you can ask Google Assistant to let you know about the current news. Say “Ok Google, what’s in the news” or “Ok Google, headline provided.”

2. Discussing news publications

If you prefer a newsletter, you can get the newsletter directly. Say “Ok Google, Wall Street Journal” or “Ok Google, CNN.” NBC News, Economist Espresso, HuffPost, and many other newspaper publications.

3. Get the latest trump tweets

Now, this is something quirky and fun. It may not be useful, but if you want to know what Trump President’s latest tweets are, you can say “Ok Google, the latest trump tweet” and you’ll get tweets with time and date. stamp.

Entertainment Action

1. New features in Netflix and Hulu

I want to know what’s new in my favorite streaming platform in preparation for the next violent match marathon. Ask Google Assistant (“Ok Google, What’s New in Netflix” or “Ok Google, What’s New in Hulu“).

2. Control Chromecast

This feature is the latest feature on the Google Assistant technology on your phone. Users could use Google Home to control their Chromecast with the Google Assistant, but they could not do the same with Assistant on their phone. However, just a few days before Google releases the update in a phased way, you can use the Assistant on your phone to control your Chromecast. Say “Ok Google, play card house on Chromecast’s Netflix.” In addition to Netflix, you can control more services that support YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and Chromecast.

3. Movie Discovery

If you like me, you would have searched for movies in countless hours. Sometimes it’s easy to give up control. Leave the Google Assistant to search for movies. Who knows? It could be a jewel that I have not heard from anyone before. Get suggestions via “OK Google, suggest a thriller movie” or other similar questions.

4. Getting Sports Results

It’s very easy to follow your favorite sport using the guide. You can ask the assistant directly about the game you are interested in, or you can talk with many basic skills. For example, if you say “Ok Google, Speak on PGA Tour“, the PGA Tour skill will soon learn and provide you with all the information about the upcoming game.

5. Gaming

You can also play a variety of games using the Google Assistant. Cool built-in games include Emoji Riddle, PAC-Man, and Unofficial Pokedex. To start the game, use the word “play” and the game name. For example, enter “OK ​​Google, PAC-MAN“.

Regions and surrounding areas

1. Find the nearest mall, gas station, restaurant, etc.

When you visit or navigate to a new place, the Google Assistant is really useful. You can easily find nearby facilities. In addition to showing nearby options, you can also link directly to Google Maps for easy navigation. Ask “OK Google, see nearby Indian restaurants” or “OK ​​Google, find the nearest gas station.”

2. Search nearby products (US only)

Using one of the techniques in Google Assistant, you can find deals in nearby stores and malls in your area. However, this technology currently only works within the US. Therefore, if you live in the United States, you can enjoy great discounts on your products and services using this technology. “OK Google, tell the retailer,” and enter your local name or pin code. It then requests access to the location data and tells you all transactions in the surrounding location.

Home control with Google Assistant

1. Smart Light Control

With Google Assistant, you can control your smart lights in your home with your voice. The most important part of this is that the Assistant is integrated with most of the world’s smart light manufacturers, including Phillips Hue, TP-link, LIFX and Emberlight. Say “Ok Google, Turn on lights” or “Ok Google, Turn off kitchen lights.

2. Smart door lock control

Like smart lights, you can also control your smart door lock with Google Assistant. Say “Ok Google, Chat with Nuki” or “Ok Google, ask Nuki to lock the door.” Of course, you need to replace the word Nuki with your brand. In addition to controlling smart lights and smart door locks, Google Assistant can control other smart home appliances in the house, such as cameras, garage doors, sprinklers, TVs, coffee machines, and thermostats.

3. Using Stringify

Stringify is an automation service that can connect all digital and physical things together. For example, you can use Stringify to connect all your smart devices and then perform multiple functions using a single command. Suppose you set a good night command to darken the lights, lock the door, keep the room temperature at the desired level, and turn on all the cameras. Say “OK Google, good night Stringify” so you can do anything without doing anything else. cool.

Food & Beverage

1. Find nearby restaurants

While this search term is no longer considered a skill as a general term, the ability to find nearby restaurants based on cuisine is one of the most popular Google assistant technologies. Say “Ok Google, find a nearby cafe” and you’ll get details like directions, phone numbers and deadlines. This is really handy when you crave quick coffee or snacks.

2. Learn about drinks and cocktails

The Assistant has many techniques to get more information about drinks and cocktails (recipes). For example, you can learn more about wine using the “Ok Google, Talk with Apothic wine” technology. It has a built-in guide technology and even teaser directions. To learn how to make a cocktail, say “OK Google, Talk to the bartender” and the bartender will teach you over 12,000 cocktails. There are a lot of skills you can explore. If you like alcohol, these techniques will help you learn a lot about them.

Travel activity

1. Find and track your flights

You can use the Google Assistant to find or track your flights. For example, say “OK Google, flights from Karachi to Lahore tomorrow” and the tides will serve all flights. In addition, when you click on a flight, you will be given the option of multiple ticket providers, so you can book the cheapest ticket. To track your flight, say your flight name after the airline name. Example: “OK Google, Track PIA PK-300“.

2. Get public transit information

The Google Assistant has many techniques for tracking public transit in various countries. There is a travel master who can plan public transport and plan trips throughout Switzerland. “Tube state” technology allows you to check the tube line status in London. These are just examples, and you can find and use a lot of technology within the Google Assistant. Use the keyword “Ok Google, talk to (skill name)” and follow the steps.

3. Talk to the lonely planet.

My favorite travel technique so far is the “lonely planet”. If you are not familiar with the lonely planet, it is a travel guide to travel around the world. With the built-in Google Assistant technology, you can ask anything about places. Say “Ok Google, a story with a lonely planet.” Then enter the name of the country or city you’re visiting, and you’ll see all your destinations. A fun way to find places.

Business and Finance

1. Track Cryptocurrencies and stock prices

Today, Crypto calls are all angry. A few days ago, Bitcoin reached its record high of $ 5800. If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies or simply track the price, you can do it easily using the Assistant. You can use CryptoPrices technology. “Ok Google, ask the cyrptoprices for the price of the bit coin.” Likewise, stock prices can be tracked in real time. “OK Google, what is Tesla’s stock price?

2. Find out about credit cards and insurance.

We all know how difficult it is to choose the right credit card, but we are not suggesting that the Google Assistant can tell you the perfect card, but the credit helper is offering a starting point. Say “Ok Google, let me talk to a credit card helper” and the helper will be online. We will ask you a few questions to learn your preferences and suggest the best card.

Likewise, you can also check the insurance you want to buy. For example, to get a quote for auto insurance, say “OK Google, contact the insurance hotline.” However, the only problem with these technologies is that they are US-centered and therefore the response may not be relevant to everyone.

3. Using the Budgeting Assistant

Now, if you’re looking for a complex budget, it’s a good idea to use a good budgeting app, but if your budget is low, Google Assistant can help you a lot. Say “Ok Google, Talk to Budget Penny” and then record your budget. Next time you spend your money, “OK Google, ask them to add $ 50 to their budget penny (say, replace the cost with my cost”). Because it’s so easy to keep track of your costs, There is a tendency to record all costs. Whenever you want to check your balance, say “OK Google, my balance on your budget penny” and you’ll see your balance.

Health & Fitness

1. Do a quick workout.

We are all busy and some of us can not continue with full-scale exercise regimens, but if you try, you can exercise every day quickly. If you do not know where to start, please ask the assistant. Say “Ok Google, Talk to Fitstar” so you can get a fast 7-minute exercise anytime, anywhere.

2. Get health care.

Your Assistant is a good place to get health advice. Just say “Ok Google, Talk to WebMD” to ask about your health, medication, side effects, and more. There are other technologies that can give you health information about dogs and babies.

3. Activity tracking

You can also use Google Fit technology to track your activity, which allows you to quickly find your workout statistics without opening the app. “OK Google, how many actions have I taken today?” However, you must have the Google Fit app installed on your device to do this.

Google Home Skills

While most of these technologies have been ported to Google Contacts on your phone, you can experience a true hands-free experience using this technology in Google Home.

1. Add multiple users to Google Home

Google Home now has a technology that allows you to add multiple users to the same Google Home. Just download the app, tap on your device, and link your account. With enough time, the Google Assistant will be smart enough to recognize the voice of another account, and the response will depend on who is asking the question. For example, if you ask, “Ok Google, tell me about your day,” you’ll get a specific response. Likewise, other users will get a specific answer to him / her.

2. TV control

You can use Google Home to control your smart TV or TV with Chromecast. You can use commands like “Ok Google, Play Stranger Things on Netflix” or “Ok Google, Play Beebom on YouTube.

3. Temperature regulator

You can also control your smart thermostat using your Google Home device. Say “OK Google, a little warmer” or “OK ​​Google, lower the temperature by 2“.

4. Get news updates

Get the latest news updates in the morning using Google Home. Please use the command “Ok Google, let us know” or “Ok Google, please let us know the headline.”

5. Check traffic status

Before leaving your home, you can use Google Home to check traffic conditions so you can leave on time. Before you leave, get traffic information through “OK Google, check traffic to your office” or other such questions.

6. Call Uber.

In addition to using Google Home to check traffic volume, you can also call Uber over the phone. Say “Ok Google, call me an Uber” and your vehicle boarding pass will be booked.

7. Remember memo

Wonder is a personal note assistant. Whatever you need to remember, you can ask Wonder to do it for you. For example, say “OK Google, you can remember that my pin is 4567“. To search for information, ask “Ok Google, my question, what is my password?”

8. Dispute Resolution

Now, this is somewhat fun, but it can actually be useful in certain situations. If you have a dispute with someone who needs to keep your TV away from someone else (or such a dispute), ask them to flip the coin in Google home, such as “OK Google, throw a coin.” The answer is to end the conflict.

9. Instrument Tuning

Google Home with a secondary power can also help you tune your instrument. Ask “Ok Google, My Instrument Tuning,” and you can ask for music you do not want to hear, or you can ask to play notes like “Ok Google, Create E Flat.

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