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Apple’s iOS 11.2.5 Beta Brings Siri-Powered News Briefing

Apple’s iOS 11.2.5 Beta Brings Siri-Powered News Briefing

Talking to a cell phone is much easier than typing in many situations. Is not the key idea for developing these super intelligent voice activated virtual assistants right? Well, if you are a person who wakes up a cup of coffee and tries to start the day with a news briefing, Siri can certainly help you.

As reported by 9to5Mac, iOS users using Apple’s iOS 11.2.5 beta can stream news podcasts with the words “Hey Siri, give me the news.” As Apple’s HomePod is expected to be on the shelves this year, it’s natural that Siri is literally the brain behind it.

Apple’s iOS 11.2.5 Beta Brings Siri-Powered News Briefing

Siri’s News podcast will come basically from the Washington Post. However, if you do not like the preset options, you can switch to Fox News, NPR, or CNN. This feature is designed with Apple’s HomePod speakers in mind, but it can be a very prominent feature among iOS users. Can I update quickly on the go without having to pick up my phone? Let me in.

In other words, this feature now appears to be about half-baked. For example, if you select Siri using the hardware button, you will greet with the default Apple news headlines or Safari source results instead of news briefings. In fact, this is how Siri works in general. However, this feature primarily works with HomePod and should not be interrupted.

If you have any questions, we also provide a news briefing on Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Even the damn Bixby is briefing the news, so this time Apple can say it’s a little late. Finally, considering that this is a beta version of iOS, soon more features will be added soon before the official launch of HomePod.

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