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How To Change Facebook Theme Color

How To Change Facebook Theme Color

Facebook is one of the best social networking sites in the world where we can share our thoughts and experiences with friends and family. Facebook also connects with people who live far away from us. We feel that Facebook is boring every time we see blue and sometimes blue. Facebook does not provide a way for users to customize their Facebook profile and change themes from boring blue to other colors.

Facebook is not open source compared to MySpace, which allows you to change some features as you like. Facebook has a lot of features with hundreds of Facebook tricks and hacks. But do not worry with the help of Mozilla Add-ons. Chrome extensions let you change the color of your Facebook themes and change the colors as you like. There are many plugins with the help of changing some features like shape, color and background image. So here we have the perfect way to enjoy themes on Facebook.

How to change Facebook Theme Color

Facebook Theme Creator – Chrome Extension.

Facebook Theme Creator is a Chrome extension that lets you change Facebook themes. This extension has several Facebook themes and allows users to apply themes the way they want.

Note: Each time you perform customizations with these extensions or add-ons, they will only be visible to you not to others.

Step 1. First open Chrome in the Chrome Web Store and download the Facebook Theme Creator extension to download Chrome.

How To Change Facebook Theme Color

Step 2. Click + FREE on the right. Extensions are automatically added to your browser.

Step 3. To use this extension, you’ll see the Chrome sign-in page, which allows you to change the bar color and shape in the background.

Step 4. Therefore, to use this extension, install the application on your Facebook application, click on the theme builder, and then apply the design you want.

This will allow you to enjoy a cool themed Facebook layout on your computer. Show them to your friends and surprise them with a simple yet attractive Facebook trick.

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