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How To Change Name On Facebook Profile/Page – [2018]

How To Change Name On Facebook Profile/Page - [2018]

Facebook has no doubt set the standard for social networks. It is one of the largest websites on the planet with millions of active users. It provides various functions for all kinds of users. You can create a Facebook profile for personal use and contact your friends and family. Where can you create a Facebook page to help connect and share with your business and celebrity fans? To manage such a large amount of features, Facebook offers many options and settings to help you manage your account. However, these settings can get a little overwhelming. Many users ask for this query about how to change their name on Facebook in the event of an error or block. This process is a bit complicated because there are some conditions. So here we provide a complete guide on how to change the name on Facebook as a simple and easy to understand step. To change the name of your profile or page on Facebook, follow the steps given.

How To Change Name On Facebook For Profile Only.

Method 1:- A common way to change your Facebook account name.

It is very easy to change the name on Facebook for the first time. Follow the steps given.

  • Log in to the Facebook account you want to rename.
  • Click the icon that appears in the top right corner of Facebook and select a setting option from the drop-down list that appears.
  • The general settings now appear.
  • Then click the Edit option for the name. Now enter your name and click Review changes.
  • Enter your password and click Save Changes.
How To Change Name On Facebook Profile/Page - [2018]

Method 2:- Change Name On Facebook Before 60 Days Limit

How To Change Name On Facebook Profile/Page - [2018]
It can be a little difficult if you’ve crossed the name limit on Facebook or want to change it again 60 days before the previous change. This is because Facebook does not allow you to keep changing the name. So follow the instructions on how to change your Facebook name in your profile before or after 60 days.

You can’t change your name right now because you’ve already changed it within the last 60 days. Learn more.

Method 3:- Change Name On Facebook After Crossing Limit. 

In general, Facebook allows us to change our profile name multiple times. However, due to the misuse of these features, Facebook had to apply some restrictions. Many Facebook users create a fake account and then change their name after the account is incremented, preferring to convert the Facebook profile to a page. However, to reduce spam, Facebook introduces the 60-day limited security described earlier. But another big issue is that Facebook is the biggest opportunity to change the name. Facebook allows up to 5,6 times to change the profile name. The rename feature is then blocked. So if you are not spam or you have exceeded your name change limit for other reasons, you can only request it via Facebook via the official form to change your name.
How To Change Name On Facebook Profile/Page - [2018]

You can’t update your name right now because you’ve already changed it too many times

  • First, log in to your Facebook account whose name you want to change.
  • Then open under the given form.
  • Now fill in all the required details, such as New First Name, Middle or Last.
  • Then select the appropriate reason for the name change.
  • Now make sure that Govt has issued proof of identity and the name should resemble the new name.
  • Please submit a request and wait a few days for a response to your request via email. 

How To Change Facebook Page Name

Method 1:- Normal Request To Change Page Name On Facebook.

A few years ago, Facebook had a limit of changing page names to 100 likes, but it increased to 200 likes. This means that if you haven’t more than 200 page likes, you can easily change the name of the page. At that time, however, major issues were renaming changing name after 200 likes limits. Then Facebook introduces a new way to ask for a new name. Where the page owner submits the request and waits for approval. But now we need a request like 0 on our Facebook page. Therefore, if you want to change your name on Facebook, you must submit a Facebook Rename request to Facebook. To do so, follow the steps below. Please follow the steps below.
  • Open the Facebook page where you want the new name.
  • Then click the section information that appears in the left sidebar just below your profile photo.
  • The page information is now visible and the second option is in the name.
How To Change Name On Facebook Profile/Page - [2018]
  • Hover over the name section and click Edit.
  • Now add the new name and click the Continue button to proceed with the request.
How To Change Name On Facebook Profile/Page - [2018]

Method 2:- Change Facebook Page Name With “Suggest Edit” Option.

In case normal request method doesn’t works for you. Then here is another great hidden tricky way to change Facebook page name. This method allow us to do little corrections on page name just by getting suggestions from friends and page fans. Officially Facebook suggests don’t use this option for new name. But we can try this to do little correction. Its totally depends on number of suggestions you can receive. Lets take example if your page having 1000 likes then approx 20-50 suggestions are sufficient. You just need to ask your friends to suggest exactly same name.
This option is only visible to those who are not admin or having any page roles. If you want to check where is an option then i recommend to use alternative account.
  • First of all this access this feature we need to change our Page category to Local Business. Then add Address in Page info and make sure MAP will be visible after adding.
  • After doing above changes >> Just below cover picture there is an option for “More“.
How To Change Name On Facebook Profile/Page - [2018]
  • Click on More option > Then “Suggest Edits“.
  • Now popup window will appear with multiple option. Click On Edit Name option.
  • Add New Name and Click on continue button to submit suggestion.
How To Change Name On Facebook Profile/Page - [2018]
  • In the same ask you friends to do for that specific page.
  • Within 24-48 hours Page Owner will received notification regarding suggestion. Then Simply approve suggested name and all done.
Note:- In case you want to use this feature to change full name. Then we recommend to do with little changes like Safe Tricks >> New Name Adeel’s Guide >> New name Adeel’s >> New Name. We Recommend you try it on your risk. We will be not responsible for any mistake or error.

Method 3:- Direct Support Form To Submit Change Page Name Request

If none of the above given method works for you, then this method will surely help you. Facebook is very selective and strict about name changing policy and has many conditions over it. Users usually fail to meet such high conditions and this are not able to change name on Facebook. In order to help users with this problem, we have another direct support form which we are sure to work for changing name on Facebook.

But to reduce misuse and spam we are not providing that form direct. So to get access to document file you need to complete small task. Its you choice to do it or not.

In conclusion, I hope this guide will help you to change the name of your Facebook page and profile. Share with your friends. I would also like to hear from you in the comments below.

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