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How to Fix Blank Screen Error in Google Chrome?

Since the last few days, I had a very annoying problem on my Google Chrome browser. When I try to browse a Web site, all I see is a black screen on the browser. At first I thought something was wrong I want to browse the site, but then the problems started to appear randomly in several sites. I check the Internet Explorer and Firefox, the same does not occur in any other browser. CR-logo–blackWhen problem, I tried to close the browser or tab, and then reopen it to try again. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Most of the time, I have to type 4-5 to get the correct page in a new tab shows the URL and the rest I was working with a black screen era. A black screen appears, right-click context menu did not work, indicating whether the page itself is not rendered.

How to fix the black screen error in google chrome?

#1: First you have to disable all your plugins you installed in your chrome browser.

Go to settings at the top corner of your corner and go to extensions and disable all of them.

#2: Unpin google chrome icon from the task bar. Because sometimes it is the the base of such issues.

#3: Create Chrome’s Shortcut on desktop and then right click on it. Go to Properties > click on shortcut tab.

#4: Now go to the target window add this exact text [space]–disable-gpu

#5: The end of the text string in the Target window should now read like: …chrome.exe –disable-gpu

#6: Click Ok. Now, double click on the desktop icon and Chrome should open correctly. If you want, you may pin this icon to the taskbar

#7:  Left single click on the “Customize” icon in the top right, which is the 3 horizontal lines icon. Select “Settings” from the list.

#8: Select “Show advanced settings” at the bottom. Deselect “Use hardware acceleration” when available.

#9: You can uninstall the chrome and then reinstall it again

It is not a tedious process, to reinstall Chrome, you can try this option. Download the latest version and install will not be too long, you can try reinstalling the browser and see if this solves your problem of black screen.

#10: Reinstall the Adobe flash player. saved their Chrome from going into a blank screen. Flash Player is a pretty big installer compared to Chrome installer itself, so, if you have a slow internet, try this as a last option.

This is from the official Google solution, however, it is not for us to solve black screen problem. Just like the above fix, it was reported that this patch solved the problem for them, but many others reported that it did not work for them.

To enable/disable the relevant Chrome flags, type this url “chrome://flags/” in your Chrome. Look for the following flags and turn them off

  • GPU compositing on all pages
  • Threaded compositing
  • Do SHOW Presents with GD
That’s it.

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