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How to Get Apple News App Outside US

How to Get Apple News App Outside US - Adeel's Guide

Apple’s new application is now available to iOS device users in the US. However, you can also download and use the News app outside the U.S. by following the steps provided below this article.

Apple’s News App

The News App was first introduced by Apple to iPhone users in the United States via iOS 9 Update.

Once installed on the iPhone, the News App offers up-to-date news articles and articles related to your interest in attractive Flipboard style layouts. The Apple News App also supports RSS feeds for websites that you browse in Safari.

News collects all the stories you want to read, from top news sources, based on topics you’re most interested in — so you no longer need to move from app to app to stay informed. – Apple

The iOS 9.1 update shows news apps in the UK and Australia, but the News app is not yet available in Canada and other countries. So this article gives you steps to download and use the News App in Canada and other countries where the News App is not available yet.

Get Apple News App Outside US

The method to get the News App outside US is quite simple, it just requires you to change the region settings on your iPhone or iPad.
#1. On your iPhone or iPad open Settings

#2. On the Setting screen, tap on General.
#3. On the General Settings screen, tap on Language & Region.
#4. On the Language & Region screen, tap on Region (See image below).

#5. On the next screen, scroll down and tap on United States and then tap on Done from the top right corner of your screen. (See image below)

Note: You can also search for United States, instead of scrolling down the screen.

#6. Next, you may see a pop-up, asking whether you would like to change your Language to English US. Tap on any option that suits you better.

You can then view the Apple News App on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen. You may need to restart your device in case the News App icon does not appear on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

You can continue to enjoy the News App on your iPhone unless you change your region or country settings to be the same as before.

Also, if you change your location to the United States on your iPhone, the currency will change to USD, the distance will be in miles, and you will use feet and inches instead of the iPhone’s meters and centimeters.

Image source – Apple

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