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Niantic, the Makers of Pokemon Go, Plan to Bring a Harry Potter AR Game in 2018

Niantic, the Makers of Pokemon Go, Plan to Bring a Harry Potter AR Game in 2018

The development team of Pokémon Go augmented reality video games for Nicantic Labs, iOS and Android devices re-appeared in the news. The company, once an internal startup company, gained a reputation as an augmented reality game called Ingress. They are now working hard on a third AR game that satisfies all Potterheads around the world. Harry Potter: This is called Wizards Unite and will be released next year.

Well, I was personally excited about it when the company officially released Pokemon High just a few years ago. But given that last year there was a lot of rumors about the likelihood of such a game, the official announcement did not come as a surprise to me. Well, do not expect Wizards Unite to be very different from Pokémon Go. It was widely regarded as a game based on Ingress when it was released last year.

This is not necessarily bad because Ingress is a great game. In other words, if Niantic continues to create games based on Ingress, people will soon be bored because of their repetitive nature. In the face of things I feel like Niantic is using perfume and trying to throw as much money to people as possible. Anyway, I am sure that I will still download games from the App Store on the launch day.

According to Niantic, “Players learn spells, discover and fight legendary animals, and join forces with others to explore real neighbors and cities to defeat powerful enemies.” The hugely popular franchise fans will finally be able to achieve their dream of experiencing J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. The company is Warner Bros. Work with Interactive Entertainment to bring games into reality early next year. Harry Potter: What do you think of Wizards Unite? Is it as successful as Pokemon Go? Please send us your comments in the Comments section below.

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